Airport Transfer

Flight Transfer – Your door to departure at Landvetter, Trollhättan / Vänersborg Airport, Arlanda, Gardermoen and Kastrup

We’ll pick you up well in advance of your departure time and again with a welcome sign when you land on your return.

We are just like any other airport taxi, except that we will always drive you for a set price. You choose if you want to pay in the car or if you would like the journey to be invoiced. And thanks to our car-sharing principle – sharing usually your transfer with other travelers with the same or similar flight times – we can offer the relatively low prices that we have today.

You can of course also book a private car if you prefer. The most common way is to book carpooling, therefore we require you to be explicit about your requirements when making your booking. For example that you wish to travel on your own.

Our customers also praise our drivers, because they are always willing to go that extra mile, making sure the travel to and from the trip is as good and comfortable as possible. It is something we are very proud of. We want you to feel that you have indulged yourself to something special when you have used our service!

2017-05-05 Trollhättans Hyrverk – Photo: Joachim Nywall

Book your transfer through our Online Booking, by e-mail or by calling +46 (0)520 47 99 60.

We need your booking at least one day before the desired transfer. Reservations on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, must be booked no later than Friday morning. Outside office hours you will be connected to a driver, as there will be no one reading the e-mails until the office re-opens! If you book short notice, you must therefore ring in your reservation!

Remember that your trip is not booked until you have received a confirmation from us on your order and received a pickup time.

* If your flight is delayed or has been canceled you must notify us as soon as possible. If it is a long delay and we are unable to wait, we will try to pick you up in a later run.